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Adult cats transfer 

*Current status​

We do not currently have any adult cats available for immediate sale.

At our house, we are transferring mature cats and retired cats to general households.
The retired cats are the children who have accompanied me in my dreams, brought kittens into the world, and showed me a lot of happiness.
We want you to retire from breeding at a certain age, have spaying and neutering surgery, and then enjoy the happiness of a long-awaited cat from that point onwards.
Of course, we take great care of them at home, but there is one thing that we cannot give them.
That's what I feel as a domestic cat, saying, "Look only at yourself."
It is impossible to avoid breeding multiple animals when breeding.
I would like to give such an environment to cats who are spoiled and always want to be by their side.
Unlike kittens, I have memories of the time I spent with them.
In other words, cats are like children to me.

Basically, we always accept inquiries about transfer after retirement.
However, there are not always adult cats who retire.
By deciding on a new home from an early age, we hope that we will be able to celebrate the birth of a new kitten together and share our thoughts after handing over the retired child.
Of course, there are some children who cannot be handed over.
It is a cat that I have promised to keep for the rest of my life, as part of my promise to the parent breeder who believed in me and entrusted me with the cat.

At the time of transfer, we will perform contraceptive / castration surgery and check the health condition before handing over.
​We will make sure that the boy's spray stops, and the girl's belly will be healed before handing it over, so you can pick it up without worry.

Basically, we would like to live in a household that does not currently have any pets, but we can accommodate households that already have a pet, depending on compatibility, so please let us know when you make an inquiry. ​
Please feel free to contact us for anything, such as your first cat, or if you are worried about raising a kitten.
​We hope that you will have a good relationship with an adult cat.

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