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​Since our family breeds in small numbers, the number of kittens we can sell is less than 10 per year.
We check the physical condition of each animal, and if there is even the slightest concern, we consult a veterinarian.
Cats don't sue themselves.

They won't tell you if it hurts or is not feeling well, so you have to notice them.
Make meals according to your tastes and change the balance according to your physical condition.
Just like humans and cats, different personalities have different constitutions.
A precious family in the shape of a cat.


our catsCFA standardIt's the cats along.

Before contacting us, we would like you to understand our thoughts on cats, and we would like you to treat cats with the same affection.



1. Completely keep indoors

2. Provide necessary meals according to growth and situation

3. Be sure to consult a veterinarian when necessary

4. Do not cause environmental or mental stress

5. Be sure to perform contraception and castration when the time comes

6. Periodically report the cat's condition

7. Take necessary escape prevention measures

8. Prohibition of resale

9. Please check if your family is allergic to cats

10. Love and care as a family for the rest of your life, and pour unchanging affection until the day you depart

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© Copyright

We look forward to hearing from anyone who agrees to the above promise.

When contacting us, please let us know if you have a pet who lives in your home.

(Students who live alone cannot transfer it.)   

Kittens will be delivered after 14 weeks of age after two vaccinations.

If you have made a reservation, we will contact you again if there is a birth.

We do not transfer to traders (exhibition, brokerage, commercial facilities, etc.).

Both kittens and adult cats must visit our cattery at least once.

(According to the revision of the Animal Welfare Law, face-to-face contact at the cat house became mandatory.)


When making an inquiry, please use the title "Kitten (or) adult cat inquiry]

If you do not receive a reply within 3 days, there may be problems such as non-delivery, so please contact us again.

Please refrain from inquiring only about the price or contacting multiple breeders at the same time.

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