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About Cattery Silver Tip

Silver Tip is a small Russian Blue cattery that started in 2012.

Our goal is to produce beautiful, healthy and calm kittens that meet CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.) standards.


The Russian Blue is also known as the Winter Fairy and is known for not singing very often.

The tipping that shines silver, the rich double coat, and the smiling mouth are called the Russian smile and have been loved by many people since ancient times. ​

They are very smart and devoted to their owners, but they are shy towards strangers.

My encounter with the Russian Blue was a picture I saw when I was 20 years old.

I was fascinated by the beauty of the Russian Blue in the picture, and I sighed when I saw the picture, thinking that I would like to have this cat someday, but I couldn't keep it until the environment was ready.

After a long time, I had a fateful encounter at a pet shop that I casually looked into.

I fell in love at first sight with a Russian Blue boy who was there.

It was almost an impulse buy (laughs).

From there my life as a Russian Blue began.

The more I live with him, the more I fall in love with the smart and beautiful Russian Blue.

​In the midst of all this, I was given a Russian Blue cat from a CFA breeder, and I realized once again how beautiful a show cat is.

I think that Show Cat is an art itself created by senior breeders.

Next, I wanted to be on the side of producing this beautiful Russian Blue, so I opened the door as a breeder.

Sometimes I wonder if Russian Blues can understand words.

When you look at me with those green eyes, I feel like I can see right into your heart.

​That's why I always think of them as my greatest supporters.

​My precious family, who are always close to my heart and by my side, that is our Russian Blue. ​


Cats always live freely in a clean and well-equipped environment.

Kittens have been touched by human hands since they were born, and they know that kindness, so they grow up to be gentle and people-loving cats.

I gave him a solid and high quality diet, learned basic social skills while living with other cats, and had two vaccinations by the time I handed him over. ​​​


Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about breeding after handing over.

​​We always try to be close to the owner's heart.

Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Type 1 Animal Handling Business No. 1757, Ibaraki Prefecture


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